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Andy Warhol Rorschach.

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Purple #coral #fungi . Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. #nature #rsa_nature #nepa

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Mermaid with waterlilies

french postcard, ca 1900

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Meaning and morality of one’s life come from within oneself.
Healthy, strong individuals seek self expansion by experimenting
and by living dangerously. Life consists of an infinite number of
possibilities and the healthy person explores as many of them as
possible… the good life is ever changing, challenging, devoid of
regret, intense, creative and risky.
Friedrich Nietzsche (via yeshecholwa)
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ETA: This is a scene from The House I Live In, a film on the American drug war and its effects on communities of color, education, the class disparity and the prison industrial complex.  I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

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sin título by Lina Scheynius on Flickr.

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we won’t remember exactly how our skin stuck together in the summer.

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Querelle, 2014

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A beautiful Apple Bolete (Boletus frostii) found near the library. 

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Adventures do occur, but not punctually.

E.M. Forster, A Passage to India (via wordsnquotes)


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trampoline camp out with Emely :) 

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I haven’t been seeing people very much this summer. Being alone has been enjoyable to the point that I had forgot/devalued the value of good company. Tonight I felt blessed. The sky had dimmed to a navy blue by the time we made it back to the car. 

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